Welcome to the Using Online Resources to Bring Primary Sources to the Classroom Class Wiki!

This wiki will be used to collaborate with your classmates, work together in your small groups, and serve as a dynamic work area for your final project.

All Learning Activity Pages, except 3-D-2, 5-D-1, and 6-D-1, can be found in navigation menu on the right.

Learning Activities 3-C-1, 4-A-1, and 5-A-1 are to be completed as a small group. On each of the activities pages you will find a link for your group. Please complete your activity for these on your group's page.

Learning Activities 3-D-2, 4-D-1, 5-D-1, and 6-D-1 will serve as resources for your culminating Learning Activity 8-B-1 Local History Project. You will need to create an individual page to organize your resources and present your final project. For instructions on setting up your individual page, go to the Local History Project page.