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Final Venn Diagram


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Welcome to All
Welcome to All
As to Japanese Exclusion
As to Japanese Exclusion

"Welcome to All!" "As to Japanese Exclusion"

references used for information: http://www.unc.edu/~perreira/198timeline.html#The "Open Door Era"

http://www.unc.edu/~perreira/198timeline.html#The "Era of Regulation"

http://uwnews.org/article.asp?articleID=3040 Article about Jewish and Italian and women anti-immigration sentiment

http://www.sfmuseum.org/1906.2/invasion.html "Asiatic Coolie Invasion 1906" Primary source which demonstrates the high emotions at the time.

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Discuss your immigration cartoons here.
Hi, Kellie! I'm experimenting sending you messages. This is my third message. I hope you see one of them! :) Let me know when you're ready to discuss the project. We can divide and conquer!
Hi Liz, this looks like a great spot to discuss stuff. I replied to your messages and am ready to begin. Which cartoons were you considering? I liked the first one with the sign, the star tea/ eat rats and the one where the immigrants looked especially wiped out. I did not understand the one with the many famous people, I think I would need more info for that one. So I guess as soon as we decide which 2, we will be off and running. Nice working with you- I think I figured out how to add our Venn diagram above and maybe the cartoon analysis sheet will be helpful. Kellie

I just saw your name online so I came back to the wiki pages. This is probably the easiest spot to reply to messages so we can see our progression.

Something must have been going on in history--so much dislike. I was thinking of the one with the famous people. Should I take that one and you could pick one of the others? If you think two others would be better to compare, that's fine with me. They're all interesting. I agree with you about the cartoon analysis sheet. That's great that you figured out the Venn diagram. Liz

Liz, that sounds great if you want to take the famous people one, here was one other thought, I also thought analyzing the one "Welcome to All" and "As to Japanese Exclusion" would be easy because they are dealing with different sets of immigrants and major differences in their appearance and treatment. But, if you want to do the famous people one, I will analyze the Welcome to All one. Either plan is fine with me. Kellie

Kellie, that sounds good. I'll look at the famous people one to see what it's all about. If it looks like "As to Japanese Exclusion" will compare/contrast better, I'll go with that one. Yay! We have a plan. Liz

3/23- Great! It seems like if I save on the Venn Diagram I need to save it and replace the old one, so I downloaded it to acrobat.com and saved my written one version as draft, I need your personal email address to add you as a co-author on acrobat.com, so we can both edit/save the Venn diagram- let me know if this is ok, thanks.

here is my analysis of "Welcome to All", so you can use this in your comparison,, it may save you some time-
I had to do a little research, here is what I came up with:

Immigration to US from Europe in 1880
first official wave of immigration to US
US had an open door policy until 1881, when you will see attitude toward immigrants change
immigrants are depicted as well-dressed and look refreshed mostly from England, Ireland and Germany
US advertising free education, free lunches,...
US advertising NO oppressive TAXES expensive KINGS in bold print, other small words changed meaning
War image looms in the top right of cartoon (possibly referring to War of 1812)
Have fun w/ yours- Kellie

Hi, Kellie,

I looked at both. "Hoodwinked" refers to a Treaty to prohibit Chinese immigration for 20 years and to prohibit anyone from China from returning to the US unless returning to family. Grover Cleveland was the President. He wanted to protect the Chinese from all the violence against them and because he thought they would never assimilate into our culture. In reality, the labor unions did not want the Chinese to immigrate because of their willingness to work for low labor costs on the railroads. Bayard was the Secretary of State. The Chinese diplomat, considered wiley, Chang Yen Hoon kept postponing the signing of the treaty because the Chinese did not like it.

"As to Japanese Exclusion" shows the anti-immigration sentiment, which grew after 1881. The cartoon shows how if everyone wears kimonos, they will be easy to identify and keep out. The cartoon depicts anarchists, Jews, Russians, and Italians.

I'm going to go with the second one. It makes a nice comparison/contrast to "Welcome to All."

What should our timeline be? Would Saturday evening be enough time for you? Then we could make the Venn diagram on Sunday and review on Monday?

My email address is elizabeth.voltz@gmail.com


Hi, Kellie,
I added information to our Venn Diagram, but it would not save. How do I add my information so it stays there?
Thank you, Liz

Hi Liz, you saved it correctly into the email you sent to me, I will post that on here for you- all you have to do when you are on here is hit the "file" button up top, and it will let you download your newly saved file here- the acrobat is just letting us share it and save it, so keep doing what you did and I'll get the final one on here if you don't manage it- I have to finish today< I won't be available tomorrow- I'll add the rest of my stuff to the new one you sent me now, and then you can add your finishing touches. I really like the 2 cartoons and this assignment, its pretty neat what you can do today- I thought it would be helpful to put both cartoons on here, so they are now up in our resources area. Kellie

Ok, Liz, I think you should be all set to go, I'll double-check on it before I head out tonight, p.s. I added to reference links as mentioned in the rubric- I actually think we have enough, but that's up to you- have a great day- Kellie

Hi, Kellie, This is great! Thank you. I'll finish up this morning so you can doublecheck. I couldn't work on it last night. My only question. Do we both also post our cartoon analysis sheets? It looks like there is a space for it. I'm going to try it. Liz

Hello, again, Kellie, I cannot access your Venn diagram with everything on it. I'm just seeing the ones which do not have any of my information. Also, when we click on the last Venn Diagram, it says it is not there or cannot be accessed even though it is accessible if you ignore the message. Liz

Got it! Liz I see now. I was in the edit page, not the main page.

Dear Kellie, I completed the Venn Diagram this morning. I do have some more resources to add, which I will do soon. I finished my column and added to the joint column. Isn't it interesting how subtle cartoonists can be with every detail-- even to the point that my sad cartoon is mostly men and your happy one is couples. This was a fun project. I enjoyed working with you. Collaboration over the Internet! Liz

Dear Kellie,
I finally figured it out! An old dog can learn new tricks! I made a couple of more changes since I emailed the other Venn Diagram to you today. Now, we have to combine our "done" diagrams. Thank you for your help.

Kellie, Thank you! Liz