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Hi, Kellie, Here we go again! Let me know which photograph you'd like to analyze. Liz

Hi Liz, hmmm... doesn't matter about the photo choice, they both look pretty similar- I kind of picked last time, so its your turn, you let me know-

also, can you clarify a bit for me here? We are filling out the K W parts again, then using the photo analysis ws to answer the L part- does that sound right? then, I'll check out and add to your's and you'll do the same for mine? is that how you have this all figured?

also, I'm wondering about the panoramic info- what are we supposed to do with that? any clue? thanks. Kellie

Hi, Kellie, Here are my thoughts about the panoramic information: If we look for the techniques we read about during the analysis we might find
l. a blur if anyone moved,
2. a "pizza run'" if we see the same people in the picture twice,
3. people in an arc, not in a straight line, if they are not arranged to compensate for the camera movement,
4. places were the picture do not meet if the negatives are not matched, and
5. places that are overexposed and not adjusted during development.

We then can "analyze" if the photograph is misleading in any way.

I think we do our own KWL charts. I thought I read somewhere that we were to compare our findings, but now do not see that. Let's use your idea of adding to each other's KWL charts. If we find that we need to compare, we can write our comments in this space.

I'll take Photo #1. Liz
that sounds great Liz, ok- I'll do photo #2 and thanks for the clarification, that is what I was thinking to look for, but I looked at both photos (I guess not long enough or with my glasses on) because I didn't notice the blur or the double people in either, but I will keep looking. I just wanted to make sure I was looking for the right things. thanks! Kellie

It doesn't look like we needed so much technical advice! Liz

I think we are good to go!

Liz, don't read any discussion comments until you analyze my sheets and your's- you will get a kick out of it! Kellie

Do you mean how similar we are? :) Liz

Kellie, I see what you mean! Love it! By the way, I was rereading the directions. I think we are to post our discussion on this group page, not the main page. Liz