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Venn Diagram

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http://www.archives.gov/education/lessons/chinese-boycott/ Teaching With Documents: Affidavit and Flyers from the Chinese Boycott Case

-- Theresa

http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/award99/cubhtml/cichome.html I found this on the Library of Congress site- This is a collection chronicling the Chinese immigration to America from 1850-1925. From what I can tell, an anti-Chinese act was passed in 1882, so this says alot about "When Both Platforms Agree."
Theresa- I am having trouble with 3-D-1 as well

http://library.thinkquest.org/20619/Chinese.html This is a basic background the Chinese immigration to the United States. It highlights the situation occurring around the 1880's. -Michelle

http://www.calisphere.universityofcalifornia.edu/themed_collections/subtopic2a.html This is a simply fabulous resource that provides an excellent overview of the Chinese Exclusion Act with beautiful primary source image links along the right of the page. -Michelle

Work Area

The Planning Process--

Learning Activity 3-C-1
Immigration Cartoons
[Small Group Wiki Project]
In your Small Group, select two of the immigration cartoons from the examples in Key Info. Compare and contrast the two cartoons, using the Venn diagram worksheet to record your observations and analysis. What differences do you see in the perspectives and messages of these cartoons? You may need to do some additional research to understand the historical context of the cartoons.
On your Small Group wiki page, post the Venn Diagram as an attachment. If you used any additional sources to research background, include the citations on the page with the final diagram. (Wiki Rubric)
Hi folks! To simplify this procedure, my recommendation is as follows...Since there are only three of us and Theresa and I both "get" Welcome to All" and "When Both Platforms Agree" perhaps we should do our Venn Diagram on these?

How about if we structure the work like this:
1. We each provide one citation that relates to the material explored in each of these two cartoons by Friday night.
2. We list our notes in this work area of things we note about each of these cartoons and how they are similar (use guidance from NARA and SEA) by Saturday evening.
3. Someone can volunteer to compile the information together in the official "Venn" form by Sunday evening.
4. We all have Monday to review for any final corrections.

Do you agree with this structure? Sounds like a good plan to me! - Theresa


This sounds great to me as well- please have patience... this is my first wiki experience! Thanks for taking the lead-Jenna

The Work Area--

I've looked over the cartoons. I am not a history buff in the least so here is how I see it...
I understand Welcome to All and When Both Platforms Agree.
I sort of understand Ching.
I don't get Japanese Exclusion or Hoodwinked.
Let me know your thoughts on which we should persue for this assignment.

Welcome to All: This has (in small print at the bottom) the following quotation: "We can safely say that the present influx of immigration in the United States is something unprecedented in (to?) our generation. -N. F. (two words unclear)." The sign next to the door says "Free Education- Free Land- Free Speech- Free Bailst(??) -Free Lunch
When Both Platforms Agree: Both Republicans and Democrats are against the Chinese at this time, or don't care if they don't vote.

Starting Question--Both of these cartoons are from 1880. What was happening in the U S at that time relating to immigration and the Chinese?


3/25 I moved the resource links up to the section prepared for them. (Michelle)
3/25 Hey Jenna, maybe you and I can just list our information for the Venn diagram by copying and pasting the text in the work area here. Then, someone can use Theresa's as the template and we can add/remove/change/whatever as we decide. Good with everyone? (Michelle)
3/25 Michelle, Thank you so much for taking the initiative to move the resources, and many thanks to Theresa for the awesome Venn. I am good with copying and pasting text

The page is looking good and almost finished! Jenna, I liked the additions to the Venn. Michelle, I will look again later to see if you added anything more to the diagram. Once you are satisfied let me know. - Theresa

My attempt at the Venn! TheresaMy additions- Jenna
My additions to everything else.

Looks good to me. Last one to agree/or not should post! Theresa

3/28 I went ahead and copied the final one and placed it at the top....Anyone can still change it if desired until deadline. Thanks group! (Michelle)
Looks good to me! Nice job, ladies