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First Posting-

Second Posting (includes 1st plus 2nd)-

Jenna's posting- Includes all posts Jenna, You posted a blank KWL worksheet. - Theresa

All fixed -sorry!, Jenna Fabulous - Theresa

PROJECT planning notes

3/31 Activity Instructions (Michelle)

Panoramic Photos
[Small Group Wiki Project]
  1. In your small group, evaluate the two panoramic photos using the NARA photograph worksheet.
  2. Complete the KWL chart for these photos.
Use the comment threads on your group wiki page for discussions

3/31 Notes-Planning (Michelle)

Hi! Sorry I'm a bit later getting in here this week...I've been at a conference in Philadelphia since Tuesday evening and it has been so incredibly busy!
Can we set a schedule for this now? I recommend the following:
  • 1. We each add information to the prior document and repost it for the KWL by Friday evening.
  • 2. We each add information to the prior photo analysis worksheets and repost it by Saturday evening.
  • 3. We each add information to finish up (and then repost) the KWL Chart by Sunday evening.
  • 4. The last person to put the finishing touches on any of the documents can move them to the top under a category of FINAL.
  • 5. All additional discussion under the discussion tab can be completed by Monday evening.
Thoughts? By "add and repost" I mean use the "latest edition" of whatever doc. is on the wiki, add to it, and then repost it again. If you are the first person, you can post the original.
I didn't see where new groups were assigned for this, so I'm going on the idea that our groups are the same as last time.

4/1 -Jenna

Hi, I added information to the documents Michelle posted and then reposted them. I hope this is what you had in mind. I feel like we have exhausted resources since all I can really find is information about the picture, not the event.

4/2AM I checked them, but as I stated above Jenna posted a blank sheet. I'll check again later. I feel that the sheet are pretty well done.- Theresa

4/2PM I was comparing the worksheets and noticed some things that I had missed. I initially did not see the numbers 308 on the engine and I never noticed that the workers were in overalls and the onlookers were in shirt and vest or an overcoat. I guess that's why it is sometimes better to work in groups. Others can point out things that you may have missed. - Theresa

4/3 AM I checked it again.... - Theresa
4/3 PM I check again and still no change... -Theresa

4/3 PM- I uploasded the correct file. Theresa, I think I was following your lead by taking what was already on the sheet and adding my thoughts.

4/3 9PM I took a look. Looks good. I just don't agree with the second picture being taken on a different day because the men are seated. I feel it would have been late on the original day since not much has been cleaned up - Theresa
4/3 Theresa, I understand. I checked the pictures again and the dates on the two pictures read Oct 5 and Oct 6 at the bottom of the photos and on the file registry-Jenna
4/4 Awesome! Michelle, once you take a look you should post! Great job team B! - Theresa
4/4 Looks great to me. I'll post them up there now. (Michelle)
4/4 - Thanks to you both! -Jenna