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Learning Activity 8-B-1: Local History Project

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Learning Activity 3-D-2: Local Documents, Data, and Cartoons

This is a NPS site that has collected documents on the controversy and testimony from affected individuals

Great article about the DVCA featuring my mom. It chronicles some of her battles and focuses on some of the abandoned properties around our area

Article about Blue Mountain Lakes- this shows what some of the valley would have been like if the government didn't take the land. It also shares one woman's experience with land acquisition

This is the site of a local filmmaker about the creation of his movie Ghost Waters. It has some good anecdotes and personal tales from the victims of the Tocks Island Dam
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This is information on a bill proposed by Oren Hatch to amend Uniform Relocation Assistance and Property Acquisition policies of 1970.These are the policies by which the National Park Service took homes from citizens in the Delaware Valley. No changes were made.

This is a link to our county clerks office- I have found deeds of property bought and sold in the valley and will be looking in to the current lawsuit between the federal governement and the Hull family

YEESSSS!!!!!!I I found the actual complaint against the Hull family... this is a current lawsuit against a local family trying to privatize a road that is officially theirs- but the government is now threatening eminent domain. The property is a 100 acre farm that was spared from the Tocks Island project

4-D-2: Local Photos and Posters

Images and photos of Walpack before the Tocks Island Dam controversy
Image of the VanCampen Inn, one of the most storied buildings in Walpack

Photos of the valley

Keith Utter photo of road leading to Harker farm

photos of abandoned buildings
barns that were once part of functioning farms, but abandoned after the Tocks Island Dam

piLearning Activity 5-D-1: Local Audio and Music

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YCuTX7aRts&playnext=1&list=PL3C91EF037C4097BEAdd the sources you found in Learning Activity 5-D-1 he
This is an excerpt from the movie "Ghost Waters" where two people give audio commentary on Cy Harker, who recently died at the age of 93. Cy vehemently fought against the Tocks Island Dam. The commentary tells of the deed to his land, which stated that the government could not have the land at any time. This property is currently in litigation with the National Park Service

Audio of the classic song, "This Land is Your Land" which became a battle cry for the members of the DVCA, who traveled to Capital Hill to fight the Tocks Island Dam. Woody and Arlo Guthrie ironically sang this song at a concert in the valley about 20 years ago

"Accidents Will Happen: The Three Mile Island Nuclear Accident" from the Talking History archives. This selection runs about 29 minutes, but it is a telling documentary of the accident at the Three Mile Island Nuclear reactor. This documentary is important when considering the controversy of the Tocks Island Dam, because it demonstrates what can happen when man changes the course of nature on the Delaware River. The accident happened in 1979, near the end of the Tocks Island controversy, and it was a talking point for many protesters who traveled to our nation's capital to protest the construction of the dam.

This is audio of "Where Have All The Flowers Gone" by Pete Seeger. This song has relevance to my local history project because Pete Seeger actually came to the Walpack Valley to perform a concert with Arlo Guthrie in the early 1990's. After reading letters that local residents had written to him regarding the Tocks Island Dam controversy, he dedicated this song to the members of the DVCA ( Delaware Valley Conservation Association) who fought against the dam.

Jimmy Carter was president during the majority of the Tocks Island Dam protests. Juxtaposing his inaugural speech against some of the print and media included in this project show the perception and reality of this struggle. Carter never had to deal with the controversy personally, as it did not reach his office. The National Park Service however, as an extension of his office was supposed to represent his ideals.

Learning Activity 6-D-1: Local Video and Maps

Map of the Minisink Valley, which surrounds the area of the Delaware River that would have been flooded by the Tocks Island Dam

This is another map which shows a larger area, demonstrating the full scale effect that the dam would have had, especially if citizens looked to migrate to local towns.
In reality, there are about 10 houses in the town of Layton in New Jersey, that were actually moved there when the government evicted residents

This is a video of Rep. Scott Garrett (R-NJ) as he presents legislation to the House of Representatives formalizing a citizens liason group to facilitate communication between the National Park Service and the residents of the Delaware Water Gap area. In the video, Garrett cites "improper" government procedures when referencing the use of eminent domain during the Tocks Island Dam era. This legislation is a direct result of the citizens actions in rallying against the dam.

Cy Harker: The Last Orignal Farmer.
This is an excerpt from the documentary film, Ghost Waters that chronicles the passing of Cy Harker, one of the holdouts from the Dam era. This video is important for two reasons: First, my mom is the narrator, and second, the property being discussed is now involved in a lawsuit between the Federal Government and the Hull family

This is a video of Crater Lake and Blue Mountain Lakes in Walpack, NJ. Both of these lakes were slated to be developed in to communities until the federal government seized the property. This video shows the positive side to the events- while many lost their homes, thousands of acres have now been preserved in their natural state.

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Additional Notes and Resources

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