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Learning Activity 3-C-1 Wiki Instructions

Note: All work for this activity should be completed on your group's page (link is below).

Discussing the Immigration Cartoons:

  1. Click the Edit tab in the upper-right corner.
  2. Go to your group page below.
  3. In the Work Area of your page, discuss the similarities and differences of the cartoons you selected.
  4. In the Resources Area of your page, include citations for any additional resources you used.
  5. Based on your discussion, elect one team member to fill out the Venn Diagram worksheet.
  6. Press Save on the Editor bar.

Saving and Attaching the Venn Diagram Worksheet:

  1. Save the worksheet as GroupName_VennDiagram (ex. GroupA_VennDiagram).
  2. Click the Edit tab in the upper-right corner.
  3. Place your cursor under the Venn Diagram section.
  4. Select the File button on the Editor bar.
  5. Click Upload File.
  6. Navigate to and double-click your worksheet file. Your worksheet will upload and appear on the left.
  7. Click on your file.
  8. Press Save on the Editor bar.

Group Workspaces

Group A 3-C-1 Workspace

Group B 3-C-1 Workspace

Group C 3-C-1 Workspace

Group D 3-C-1 Workspace

Group E 3-C-1 Workspace